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In 1999, SUNSGLOW was launched for the purpose of fostering the globalization of the Rule of Law.

SUNSGLOW’s mission was formally endorsed by the UN Secretary-General, His Excellency Kofi Annan, who described this unique non-governmental venture which is dedicated to the service of civil society as one of the UN “partners”.


The birthplace was NOVA Law Center, NOVA Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where SUNSGLOW’s founder, Dr. Yassin El-Ayouty, was a Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Under the acronym of “SUNSGLOW” (The Center for) “the Study of the United Nations Systems and the Global Legal Order”, it began as a not-for-profit.

It then evolved in 2003 into a for-profit entity, with a view to enhancing its program effectiveness. In the process, a “w” was added to its name, making it now stand for the glow of the sun of the Rule of Law.

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SUNSGLOW Proposal: The ISIS Debris of War Orphans: Giving the Parentless the Legality of A Name
The focus of this project is to help women and children who are affected by ISIS. We are going to focus on those individuals from Iraq and Syria who are left without proper name identification from rape to Sexual Jihadism, these young victims are left to float in society without parental identification. They are the victims of double jeopardy: one being the product of sexual aggression; and becoming shamed with no known parents.
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SUNSLGOW Periodic Bulletin #1
SUNSGLOW Board Celebrates: The 70th International Human Rights Day

Tragedies have a way of compensating with the opposite. From the Holocaust, we got Nuremberg (1945). We got a theory. The theory of personal responsibility for obeying an order that harms others without a cause. And from Nuremberg, we got The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). And in short order, we got the term genocide coined by Raphael Lemkin for whom I was an Assistant.

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A SUNSGLOW Unit on Fund-Rasing
A SUNSGLOW unit on Fund-Raising has been established. It consists of the following Associates: Vittoria Fariello, Esq., (Convener); Lance Bennett, Esq., Chief Counsel of the Dime Savings Bank, New York City; and Joseph Botras, Certified Public Accountant. Dr. El-Ayouty chairs this Unit in an ex officio capacity.

One of the early strategies is to contact selected law firms in the U.S., Canada, and beyond for invitations to fund training of the legal and judicial communities in topics relating to the work of these law firms in those areas.

A comprehensive list of topics is being drafted by Dr. El-Ayouty in consultation with this Unit for later posting with invitations addressed to selected law firms.

All law firms wherever they may exist are, by this issue of "SUNSGLOW Updates," invited to initiate on their own contacts with SUNSGLOW with indications of interest and preferred topics. The entire results of this approach to funding of SUNSGLOW activities shall be reported in late June 2017 to the SUNSGLOW Executive Committee.

Dr. Zahra Hend Shnayen, associated with this Unit in her ex officio capacity.


SUNSGLOW's Fifteenth Anniversary, a Summer Greeting to The SUNSGLOW Board of Advisors and Associates

Letter to the SUNSGLOW Board


SUNSGLOW Bulletin: Memory Lane (Thirteen Years Ago)

Through this photo, SUNSGLOW's past is linked to its present. The photo shows one of our valued Associates, Jeffrey Fisher, Esq. (USA) greeting the Honorable Gregory Carman, the then Chief Judge of the US Court of International Trade (NYC).

The occasion was a SUNSGLOW program in Nassau, the Bahamas in June 2001, where our organization was training the Bahamian Bar and judiciary in issues relating to the laws governing the freedom of trade.

Judge Carman, one of the original founders of SUNSGLOW, was at that time also Chairman of the SUNSGLOW Board. Our host at Nassau was the Honorable Ambassador Maurice Moore, the then Bahamas' Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Till today, he remains our SUNSGLOW Regional Representative in the Caribbean.

Jeff is a former student of Yassin El-Ayouty, Esq., when Yassin was an Adjunct Professor of law at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, NYC (1996-2002).


SUNSGLOW Launches a Series of Evening Panels for the Fall 2014
In a shift to evening panels this Fall, intended to refocus SUNSGLOW activities on one issue programs, the organization shall hold the following activities:
  1. On October 7, 2014, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, at St. Francis College, Brooklyn Heights, New York City, a panel on: "Civil Rights v. National Security." This panel shall be chaired by the Hon. District Court Judge Paul G. Gardephe. This panel is open to the public at no fee.
  2. On October 14, 2014 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, at Fordham University School of Law, New York City, the first of an annual series bearing the name of Dr. Hend Alkhulthaila. This series is intended to honor her as the first woman in Saudi Arabia to be appointed University Dean at King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The title of this annual series is "Islam and the State" It shall be moderated by Scott Karson, Esq., of Lamb and Barnosky LLP; Vice President, New York State Bar; Past President of the Suffolk County Bar; and Member of the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association. This panel is open to the public at no fee.
  3. On December 2, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, in Toronto, Canada, at a location to be later determined by SUNSGLOW Director of Operations, Dr. Zahra Hend Shnayen, together with our Regional Representative, Dr. Jonathan Krehm. This panel shall deal with the novel topic entitled "The Changing Definition of Alliances: The Case of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.A." Admission shall be for a fee.


SUNSGLOW and the Protection of Minorities During National Unpheavals

UPDATE: A copy of this speech is available by clicking here.

Fordham University School of Law , together with SUNSGLOW -- Global Training in the Rule of Law ,are holding a seminar on " The Coptic Question : Protecting Minorities During National Upheavals " . It shall be held on Thursday , April 10 , from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at The US Courthouse , 40 Foley Square , Manhattan , Room 705 ( Court Room of District Court Judge Paul Gardephe ) . { Lexington Subway stop at The Brooklyn Bridge } . The keynote speaker is Dr. Yassin El-Ayouty , Esq. , the respondent is Caroline Doss , Esq. , and the moderator is Joseph Guirgis , Attorney . The statement of Dr. El-Ayouty is largely based on material supplied for the purpose of that event by official sources at the Cathedral of St.Mark , Abbasiah , Cairo . All are welcome as admission is free and open to the public .


SUNSGLOW BULLETIN on January 17, 2014

Following up on its successful event in Toronto in 2012 on "The Arab Spring and Human Rights," we are gearing up to organize another event in the same locale. Preparations are now being made by Dr. Zahra Hend Shnayen, Director of Operations, in consultation with Barrister/Arbitrator William Horton (head of our Regional Liaison Center in Toronto) and Dr. El-Ayouty for that event in Toronto on May 22.

The topic is related to Arab Spring upheavals and their effects on national reconciliation. It is entitled "Transitional Justice," and the event is open to the public free of charge.

Transitional Justice is a concept which arose from the fact that after every revolution or change of regime there are winners and losers. The losers are mostly good contributing citizens who find themselves shut out of their country's new march toward democracy and development. In the Arab Spring revolutions, such exclusion deprives the country from integrating these talents within the new order.

Transitional Justice is basically the fashioning of legal, political and administrative environments where all national energies are utilized. Thus it could be regarded as the other side of the coin of national reconciliation intended to harness all talents.

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The Role of Communities In Fighting Jihadism
All over the world, "The Role of Communities In Fighting Jihadism" is the topic of the hour. For the scourge of jihadism, regardless of its source, should now be everyone's business. No one is safe, thus all communities have to be involved in this global war.

Event Invitation

"Civil Rights Versus National Security - Exploring the Tension and Finding the Balance"

A SUNSGLOW Event at St. Francis College, NYC Held on October 7, 2014.

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"The Rule of Law and Human Rights in the Arab Spring"

The University Club of Toronto and SUNSGLOW invites you to a program in February 27, 2013 on "The Rule of Law and Human Rights in the Arab Spring"

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SUNSGLOW Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary (1998 - 2008)

On December, 15, 2008, SUNSGLOW shall celebrate its tenth anniversary.

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Our Pre-Christmas Lunch

In response, a new tradition has now been born in the form of a second luncheon (pre-holidays) to be held at Fordham Law. The details are as follows...

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Prospective SUNSGLOW programming:

a.Legal Protection of Intellectual Property; b.The Inter-Bar Roundtable; c. Other prospective programs:

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More about the Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics, Fordham Law

We are proud to be associated with a highly respected law school, in the New York City area, such as Fordham University School of Law...

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