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With the primary mission of SUNSGLOW defined, the institution was established in 1999. The immediate impetus was a response to a World Bank recommendation that countries which do not periodically train their judicial and legal communities do not attract outside investors.

   The birthplace was NOVA Law Center, NOVA Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where SUNSGLOW’s founder, Dr. Yassin El-Ayouty, was a Distinguished Visiting Professor. Under
the acronym of “SUNSGLO” (The Center for) “the Study of the United Nations Systems and the Global Legal Order”, it began as a not-for-profit. It then evolved in 2003 into a for-profit entity, with a view to enhancing its program effectiveness. In the process, a “w” was added to its name, making it now stand for the glow of the sun of the Rule of Law.

1. As a private corporation, whose Board of Advisors is made of high-level persons from various walks of life relevant to Global Training in the Rule of Law, SUNSGLOW is independent of any outside control, be it governmental, intergovernmental, non-governmental, ideological, political, racial, or religious. It reserves its full freedom to accept funding and programs relevant to its mission.

2. SUNSGLOW accepts, acts and reports on its program commitments and sources of program funding with full transparency, and within a framework of professional ethics which is solely intended to frame its judicial and legal training programs on the basis of complete neutrality, respect for national sovereignty, domestic jurisdiction, internal laws and practices, and cultural diversity.

3. The sources of program funding of SUNSGLOW activities may be governments, international organizations, non-governmental institutions, businesses, charitable organizations or individuals. Factors dictating acceptance of program funding are: (a) relevance to SUNSGLOW basic mission of globalization of the Rule of Law and of respect of human rights; (b) neutrality of SUNSGLOW programs, particularly non-interference in internal affairs; (c) clarity of the linkage between programs and the economic and social development of civil society, including societies emerging from internal or external conflict through the dissemination of the Rule of Law; and (d) transparency through consultation with the Board of Advisors, and subsequent public reporting on program implementation.

4. SUNSGLOW is not an advocacy organization, except for advocating the universal need for respect for the Rule of Law. Thus it reserves for itself the right to decline any program funding which may lead to diminishing SUNSGLOW’s freedom of action regarding the selection of topics, trainers, speakers and facilitators who are considered most appropriate for an optimum performance of SUNSGLOW’s commitments.

5. Prior to SUNSGLOW engagements for the execution of any program or activity, SUNSGLOW undertakes the fullest possible consultation with the entity requesting and/or funding such programs or activities and with the Board of advisors, thus enabling the President of SUNSGLOW to make informed decisions prior to contracting.

6. Subsequent to the fulfillment of any engagement, a full-scope evaluation is undertaken primarily on the basis of written questionnaires addressed to trainees and other participants. Such an evaluation constitutes an integral part of SUNSGLOW’s post-activity reporting to the Board of Advisors, to SUNGLOW Associates, and to the public at large through its website, periodic newsletters, ad-hoc brochures, and occasional luncheons to which advisors, associates and friends of SUNSGLOW are invited.

Cooperation Protocol in the Area of Legal Judicial Training With The Council of State - The Arab Republic of Egypt

Liaison Centers

Establishing a liaison center (We have 8 so far) is, in a nutshell, a personality or an institution (in Egypt, for example, it is the Cairo University School of Law, where I am also an adjunct professor). It does not require funds, or an office, or staff. It provides professional and logistical advice when needed for the very area where an activity will take place. The center has no direct involvement, except for our provision of regular information on our activities to which the center may be invited.


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