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SUNSGLOW Newsletter: Winter 2006/Spring 2007
Dr. Yassin El-Ayouty, Esq.
Founder and President
May 2007


I. About us, by their voices, from East to West.

  A. Referring to the SUNSGLOW symposium, Cairo, Egypt, March 2005

  • Hon. Judge Medhat Al-Mahmood. President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Baghdad, Iraq:
    "The subjects of the symposium were deep, comprehensive, and reflective of our legal and judicial realities. This is not to mention the analysis and the treatment of whatever ails this present situation."

  • Hon. Judge Muhammad Mahmoud Sobh, President of the Court of Appeals, Ramallah, Palestine:
    "We look forward to the continuity of these valued symposia for the benefit of judicial action, and we, the Palestinian judges, wish to express to you our deepest thanks for your efforts to support us and enhance the effectiveness of the Palestinian Judiciary."

  • Hon. Judge Daniel L. Rubini, U.S. Administrative Law Judge, Pennsylvania:
    "All the symposium topics were certainly well received by your audience with much discussion and questioning after each speaker. Each topic touched upon a vital interest in building a genuine "Rule of Law" in this region that is markedly showing signs of interest in governing for the benefit of the governed and joining the global economy. During the breaks and lunches, I had the opportunity to spend time with the Judges and lawyers in continued discussion."

  B. Referring to SUNSGLOW Global Mission:

  • Hon. Jack B. Weinstein, Senior Judge, United States District Court, Eastern District of New York:
    "Your work remains among the most important in academia today. Bless you for it."

  • Hon. Frederic Block, Senior Judge, United States District Court, Eastern District of New York:
    "I have been involved with SUNSGLOW from its inception, first as a member of its Board of Directors, and presently as an advisor and faculty member. I have seen SUNSGLOW grow from its conceptual origins to its current place as an international leader in spreading the importance of embracing the fundamental, universal need for adhering to the concept of the rule of law in countries which are grappling with creating a stable, just judicial system."

  • Dr. Frank Macchiarola, President of St. Francis College, New York City - In his remarks on December 13th, 2006, as the SUNSGLOW Luncheon Speaker at Fordham University School of Law, The Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics:
    "What is the Rule of Law:
    • Free Elections
    • Freedom of press
    • Free Speech

    • Representative Government
    • Universal Suffrage
    • Rights of Women

    • Independent Judiciary

    These are the reasons to support SUNSGLOW - It is an alternative to suspicion and evil."

  • Mrs. Nevine Hassouna, an Associate, who together with her spouse, Ambassador Dr. Hussian Hassouna, who heads the office of the League of Arab States in Washington, D.C., said at the SUNSGLOW Luncheon:
    "I just love to be active in SUNSGLOW and shall never forget my introduction to it at a SUNSGLOW symposium at the regional center in Nassau, The Bahamas, on "Access of the Poor to Justice."

II. Our Regional Liaison Centers: In the fall of 2006, SUNSGLOW was privileged to add two more regional liaison centers in critical areas: Athens, Greece, the historic home of democracy, and Amsterdam/The Hague, the historic home of international justice institutions. In order to avoid redundancy we have eliminated two (2) liaison centers (Santiago, Chile; and Prague, The Czech Republic). Thus, SUNSGLOW can now count ten (10) such centers around the world. As SUNSGLOW establishes these centers, at no financial cost, it requires neither special buildings nor staff. It only needs a distinguished personality, preferably from the local legal and judicial community, who would take a leading role in: a) SUNSGLOW events in the region covered by the center; and b) advisories relating to developments of interest to SUNSGLOW such as training needs; emerging talents; possible sources of program funding, etc. Here we may cite the following examples including our two newest regional centers:

  • Amsterdam Centre, headed by distinguished Professor Alexander Knoops, who is currently working at securing detailed funding of SUNSGLOW programs on international criminal law.

  • Athens Center, our newest liaison center in Greece, the birthplace of democracy, headed by her Excellency Maria Telalian, Minster Counsellor and Deputy Permanent Representative for the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations. The Athens Center will cover the regions of Southern and Eastern Europe.

  • Chennai (Madras) Center, headed by Justice S. Mohan, has already secured Indian contributions in kind for a program in either intellectual property or professional ethics. Supplementation of these contributions is being sought in the U.S.

III. Other Notes:

  • New Advisors and Associates: SUNSGLOW is pleased to announce our most recent additions to the Board of Advisors; the Honorable Raymond Dearie, Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York; Paul J. Gardephe, Esq., Partner, Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler; and the Honorable Maria Telalian, Deputy Permanent Representative of Greece to the U.N. Ms. Telalian is also the Regional Representative of SUNSGLOW for Eastern and Southern Europe. As to the Associates, the most recent additions to this international corps of volunteers are Ms. Hind s. Al-Shenayen, Member of Iraq Mission to the U.N.; Mr. Thomas Bifwoli, Kenya member of the U.N. Panel of Experts on the Sudan; and Mr. Debi P. Dash, India, member of the U.N. Panel of Experts on the Sudan. A heartiest welcome to all of them.

  • Between early January and late February of 2007 Yassin El-Ayouty, in his personal capacities, went to Darfur, the Sudan, as legal counsel and member of a five person team on behalf of the UN Security Council. Upon return, Yassin's report entitled, Legal, Political and Tribal Perspectives in the Darfur Crisis, was submitted to the Secretariat of the Security Council in early March. Subsequently, he traveled to Baghdad, Iraq with Paul Gardephe, Esq. of Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler, to assist in the defense of an Iraqi Photojournalist and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, who has been detained by the United States military for over one year without either being charged or released. Furthermore, Yassin in his capacity as Special Master will go to Cairo, Egypt with the Hon. Senior District Court Judge Frederic Block, to effect a settlement of all claims of the estates of the Egyptian victims of the Egyptair crash of 1999. (May 25 - June 12) Subsequently, Yassin will engage in training legal counsel of Egypt's State Council in legal and legislative drafting. (June 12 - July 12).

  • During Yassin's temporary absence any matter relating to SUNSGLOW may be addressed to, Carole Maluje, Esq., Executive Administrator of SUNSGLOW or, Anthony Poulin, Deputy Executive Administrator of SUNSGLOW. All correspondence can be sent to

  • Honorable Stephen Rapp, a SUNSGLOW Advisor, has now assumed a new international position, namely, Prosecutor, Special Court for Sierra Leone.

  • We welcome news about our Advisors and Associates which may be published in our next newsletter. Please address them to Carole Maljue or Anthony Poulin at

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