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A SUNSGLOW Periodic Note - July 27, 2007
A News Commentary on the Rule of Law

Involvement with the World Justice Project (WJP),
Prague, Czech Republic (July 13, 2007)

With a view to learning from the rich experiences of the American Bar Association, and also sharing with the ABA SUNSGLOW’s experience and practice as well, Yassin El-Ayouty accepted an invitation from ABA’s President-elect, William H. Neukom and David Byrne, Chancellor, Dublin City University, to attend that meeting.

The day-long meeting was attended by more than 40 senior persons from Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and the US representing a wide range of disciplines. In addition to law, these disciplines included architecture, business, education, engineering, faith/clergy, human rights, labor, media, military and public health.

However, the multidisciplinary feature of that meeting was not the only unique feature about it. What was also impressive was that within one day, all substantive business was brilliantly completed, thanks to the effective pre-planning, the time discipline observed by all speakers, the precise agenda allotted to each sub-group, and the professionalism of both the leadership and the staff of the conference.

The literature defined the WJP as “a multinational and multidisciplinary initiative that advances the rule of law as an essential foundation for communities of opportunity and equity.”

Jim Silkenat, Esq., a member of SUNSGLOW Board of Advisors, played a prominent role in that conference, especially with regard to the “Scholarship” initiative of WJP.

While in Prague, Yassin submitted a proposal on which the ABA and SUNSGLOW might cooperate for the benefit of advancing the Rule of Law in the developing world. The proposal has to do with mass legal culture, which could be analogized to Court V in the US, whereby the populace in non-industrialized countries could be introduced to how the law functions in society, how the average citizen can access the court system, and the importance of an independent judiciary.

Other Matters

On another matter, SUNSGLOW would like to acknowledge with gratitude the generosity towards the organization as manifested by contributions from two of our advisors, namely, Dr. Frank J. Macchiarola, President of St. Francis College, New York City, and John Horan, Esq., of Fox Horan & Camerini. These funds were turned over to Fordham University School of Law for the benefit of SUNSGLOW joint programming.

Finally, we would like to warmly welcome three new Associates to the Board of SUNSGLOW. These are Tatjana Eres, Esq. (Serbia); Ms. Catherine Daries (United States); and Nina Kulkarni (India).

We welcome your contribution to the news of these periodic notes or to the seasonal newsletter. Please address them to Mr. Raymond Chan, our webmaster.

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