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SUNSGLOW currently offers two types of programming:

The primary objective of this type of programming is the transformation of legal knowledge into legal skills, which can then be utilized by the trainees in their specific environments. The subjects of this form of training are chosen by those seeking our assistance and cover a broad range of topics. The substance is guided be the relevance of the material to the economic, social and legal development of the trainees. Ranging from three to five days in duration, these programs are largely in lecture format, followed be questions and answers and concluded with in-depth evaluations by the participants.

Legal Training at the United Nations (2000, 2005)
Nassau, Bahamas (December 10-13, 2001)

In this type of programming, an in-depth look is taken at one or two issues by senior-level participants through the exchange of experience. Each discussion is led by a top expert in the subject matter who frames the issues and guides the colloquium to focused conclusions, leaving it to the participants to highlight the variables. Such programs provide exposure and valuable insights into other legal and judicial practices that maximize the benefits of globalization. The substance of these colloquia is usually intended for publication for future educational and training purposes in the region where the training has been conducted. These programs, which range from two to three days in duration, are concluded with in-depth evaluations by the participants.

SUNSGLOW’s programs are designed for judges, attorneys, law enforcement officers, law students, diplomats, media personnel, business persons and others, especially those dealing with various governmental and non-governmental organizations.

SUNSGLOW offers a great diversity of subject matter: from court administration to the intricacies of the new humanitarian and international criminal laws; from the application of due process to terrorism and the law; from international arbitration and other methods of alternative dispute resolution to the application of the law in fighting corruption. This is only to mention a few examples of the breath of our course offerings.

The subjects of our training are primarily selected by the requesting entities, whether they are governments, courts of law, Bar Associations, law schools, NGOs, international institutions or individual benefactors who wish to attract to their countries the international investor community which places a high premium on the existence of a developed legal and judicial system.

SUNSGLOW maintains total flexibility in custom-designing its well- focused programs to meet the specific needs of the beneficiaries.

SUNSGLOW Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary (1998 - 2008)
Legal and Judicial Reform (Cairo University Faculty of Law - March 19-21, 2005)
The Globalization of the Rule of Law (Stony Brook University - March 15, 2005)
The Cairo Program (September 18-20, 2004)
Programs at the United Nations (May 19-22, 2003)
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